Finding furniture that fits

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Finding furniture that fits

One of the joys of having an old house is all of the funny little gaps and nooks - and the lack of storage space. I'm making it my mission to fill up all of our funny little nooks and crannies with shelves and cupboards to keep out stuff organise and out of site. Some of our areas are so unusual I'm getting custom furnture solutions made - like our kitchen which is not really suited to cooking in this century! If you are also dealing with retrofitting furniture to create storage in an old house, then you'll appreciate the hints on my blog.


Two Tips to Follow When Choosing Hospitality Mattresses for Your New Hotel

Below are some tips to follow when selecting hospitality mattresses for a new hotel. Opt for firm mattresses You might be confused about how firm the mattresses you select need to be, as each of your future guests will have their own preference, and it's impossible to choose a firmness level that every single guest will like. However, it is usually best to opt for firm mattresses for a hotel. The reason for this is as follows; mattresses that are soft or only moderately firm will start to sag a lot more rapidly than firm ones when they're in constant use. Read More