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Finding furniture that fits

One of the joys of having an old house is all of the funny little gaps and nooks - and the lack of storage space. I'm making it my mission to fill up all of our funny little nooks and crannies with shelves and cupboards to keep out stuff organise and out of site. Some of our areas are so unusual I'm getting custom furnture solutions made - like our kitchen which is not really suited to cooking in this century! If you are also dealing with retrofitting furniture to create storage in an old house, then you'll appreciate the hints on my blog.


3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Wicker Furniture

If you are an outdoor person that enjoys chilling on a hot summer afternoon with friends and family, then wicker furniture might spice up the experience. Not only does wicker furniture bring comfort and function, but the pieces are also beautiful additions to any open space. Nonetheless, thoughtful planning is critical to avoid making the wrong purchase. Here are common mistakes to avoid when shopping for wicker furniture.

Measure Your Space -- A common mistake that is made by many homeowners when buying furniture is relying on assumptions. Leaving a tape measure at home when going for furniture shopping is a rookie mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Notably, you might either end up with oversized or undersized furniture that undermines your home's décor rather than reinforcing the look. Most buyers mistakenly assume that guessing the size of their space is enough, but it is not enough. Measurements determine whether you need to go for a blocky or modular shape in pursuit of the perfect wicker furniture. Most importantly, take accurate measurements of your space before heading to a furniture store to get the right fit.

Quality of Materials -- The materials used to develop wicker furniture are critical since they have a direct impact on durability. For most homeowners, creating the ideal impression is vital; consequently, some buyers seek to recreate a trendy or chic look and forget to consider the materials used to develop wicker furniture. Rather than throw good money down the drain, shop with care and exhaustively check out a piece of wicker furniture before sealing a deal. Proper examination will help you to get the right product that will last longer despite being exposed to the elements while outside. For example, if wicker furniture is made from wood, the furniture might become brittle and break due to extreme sun rays.

Testing Wicker Furniture -- Testing wicker furniture before purchase should never be ignored. Unfortunately, many first-time buyers fail to sufficiently test wicker furniture before making a purchase. It is especially the case when attempting to push a hard bargain since you might forget to test the product in search of a fair price. Therefore, ascertain all aspects touching on comfort and usability to avoid wasting money on a product that undermines your outdoor experience. Ideally, you should sit on a wicker seat in different angles for at least ten minutes to get the right feel and confirm that a chair has no defects.

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