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Finding furniture that fits

One of the joys of having an old house is all of the funny little gaps and nooks - and the lack of storage space. I'm making it my mission to fill up all of our funny little nooks and crannies with shelves and cupboards to keep out stuff organise and out of site. Some of our areas are so unusual I'm getting custom furnture solutions made - like our kitchen which is not really suited to cooking in this century! If you are also dealing with retrofitting furniture to create storage in an old house, then you'll appreciate the hints on my blog.



Would you benefit from using a recliner chair?

If you can sit and stand without difficulty, you may not appreciate the advantages offered by an electric recliner chair but if you have ever struggled with movement, there are lots of reasons why you could benefit from owning an electric recliner. Here are the four top reasons you should think about buying an electric recliner for your home.

Built-in comfort

Do you start to feel uncomfortable if you sit still for too long? If you find that you often can't get comfortable after you have been seated for a while, then an electric recliner will be able to help. If you purchase a rise-and-recline chair you will discover that they are infinitely adjustable so that you will be able to find a position that allows you to sit in comfort. It doesn't matter whether you want to sit with your feet on the floor or with your feet up — you can relax in comfort in a chair that adjusts around you.

Retain your independence

One thing that people often fear is becoming dependent on others. If you find that you struggle to complete movements such as rising out of a chair, an electric recliner chair may be the solution you need. An adjustable chair will help to move your body into the right position at just the touch of a button. The chair will enable you to stand unaided or sit down and rest so that you can maintain your independence for longer.

Gain relief from bodily pain

If you suffer from backaches, arthritis or joint pain, an electric recliner can help to relieve your discomfort. An electric recliner is able to correctly support each joint in your body. The back and leg supports of the chair can be adjusted to allow you to find the ideal position for your body to rest. In addition, the chair will continue to support you as you rise out of the chair. An electric rise-and-recline chair will provide the support that your body needs to move from a sitting to a standing posture.

Options tailored for you

All-electric recliner chairs can assist you with sitting and standing but you can often have extras included with your chair to make it a better match for your needs. If you want an electric recliner with additional storage areas or even a built-in massage system, talk to your supplier today and find out what they can offer you.

To learn more, contact an electric recliner supplier.