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Finding furniture that fits

One of the joys of having an old house is all of the funny little gaps and nooks - and the lack of storage space. I'm making it my mission to fill up all of our funny little nooks and crannies with shelves and cupboards to keep out stuff organise and out of site. Some of our areas are so unusual I'm getting custom furnture solutions made - like our kitchen which is not really suited to cooking in this century! If you are also dealing with retrofitting furniture to create storage in an old house, then you'll appreciate the hints on my blog.



Sensible Tips for Getting a Chest of Drawers Ready for Moving

Moving furniture long distances to a new home is a pretty difficult task, with the size and weight of items usually being the trickiest aspect. When it comes to some furniture, however, the design and nature of the item adds extra difficulties. One of the most troublesome items to move safely is a chest of drawers, with loose moving parts making it a risky endeavour.

To get around the problem and make sure your chest of drawers arrives at your new place safe and sound, it's all about packing and preparing it properly. Follow these tips to protect your chest of drawers and reduce the overall size of your transported possessions.

Use the empty space

Before you start securing the drawers, don't forget all the empty space inside the unit. The chest of drawers will take up the same amount of space whether the drawers are full or empty, so you might as well use them to pack away some of your belongings and reduce the overall load.

Just bear in mind that, while it won't add size, it will add weight. Try and avoid making the unit too heavy, and make sure everything is packed safely and tightly so it doesn't rattle around and get damaged.

Secure the drawers—carefully

When the furniture is loaded in a removals truck, it's important that the drawers stay closed so they don't get damaged or cause harm to other items. Many people's instinct is to tape the drawers shut, but this can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the furniture and may even damage it, so tape is best avoided. Instead, try enclosing the entire unit in polythene wrap. This will ensure the drawers don't fall open, but it doesn't stick to the wood.

Protect the surface

It's a good idea to wrap the chest of drawers in a blanket so the surface is guarded against knocks and scrapes while it's in transit. Secure the blanket firmly with tape or ties. If you don't have a blanket that's big enough, at least make sure there's padding between the chest of drawers and any other items and that it's not loose enough to move about while it's being transported.

Remove extras if you can

Handles, feet and other protrusions can easily get caught up on other items, leading to damage or injury. They also take up unnecessary extra space when the removals truck is being packed.

Anything that can be removed should be. It can all be stored in drawers or kept safely on your person until you arrive, ready to set up your new home.

For additional advice or professional assistance, contact a company that offers furniture transport services.